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“HOLODOMOR; Ukraine’s Genocide of 1932-33” documentary short film Official Selection at film festivals in France and New York

"HOLODOMOR; Ukraine's Genocide of 1932-33," the short film version (RT 9:30) of the feature-length documentary film, produced by Moksha Films and Tomkiw Entertainment, has been accepted as an “Official Selection” at the International film festivals: The Cannes Film Festival: Short Film Corner (out of competition) in Cannes, France, and the “Soyuzivka Film Festival - KinoQ” in Upstate New York, USA.

The Cannes Film Festival (French: le Festival de Cannes), founded in 1939, is the world's most influential and prestigious film festival in the world. The private festival is held annually at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, in the resort town of Cannes, in the south of France from 14-28 May 2008. Director Bobby Leigh has premiered two films at the Cannes Film Festival, in 2006 and 2007.

The Soyuzivka Film Festival “Kino-Q” features documentaries, short films and animated features on Ukrainian subjects or those produced by Ukrainian filmmakers and takes place at the beautiful Soyuzivka Heritage Center in upstate New York.

"HOLODOMOR; Ukraine's Genocide of 1932-33" is an edgy, auspicious, 9 ½ minute short cinematic look at a very dark and horrific time in which millions of people died due to a man-made famine in Ukraine, perpetrated by Joseph Stalin.

The feature-length documentary film aims to bring awareness to the worldwide general public. "HOLODOMOR; Ukraine's Genocide of 1932-33" will have the ability to reach out and tell this tragic, factual story in remembrance of the 7-10 million lives that were lost, and in turn show how human welfare was impacted forever. The film will share the political, economic, and social side of this historic genocide and aims to promote human peace and welfare. It also aims to serve as an educational platform so that history does not repeat itself.

"HOLODOMOR; Ukraine's Genocide of 1932-33" will positively impact the lives of the victims, their families, and the audience because it will help to serve those who did not have a voice, to finally be heard.

Be a part of helping the world learn about Ukraine’s Genocide, Holodomor "History knows no other crime of such nature and magnitude."

“The biggest lie. The best kept secret.”

To view the short film and to donate for the full-length feature film, please visit:

Holodomor the Movie LLC, 8306 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite #947, Beverly Hills,
CA 90211, USA